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What is KoolMaxx?

KoolMaxx is a synthetically-engineered refrigerant additive for air conditioning systems, designed to

  1. eliminate oil fouling
  2. optimize efficiency
  3. improve performance

Because of its synthetic composition, KoolMaxx will NOT:

  • damage or harm your refrigeration system.

  • void your manufacturer’s warranty.

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Why Use KoolMaxx?

KoolMaxx is an additive that removes oil fouling from your air conditioning system.

Oil fouling will cause a loss of about 7% efficiency in the first year of an air conditioner’s life, up to a loss of 30% to 40% efficiency over time.

By removing oil fouling, the refrigerant in your air conditioner flows throughout the system without being restricted – this leads to a more efficient system that provides cooler air while extending compressor life.

Less Wear and Tear

KoolMaxx helps your A/C operate with less wear  and tear, which extends compressor life and saves on repair costs.

Home and Business

KoolMaxx is used to improve the efficiency in your home and business A/C system, and can be used right after installation.

Less Friction

KoolMaxx works by improving the lubricity in your air conditioning system, creating less friction in the compressor.

Reduce Load

KoolMaxx is an additive that removes oil fouling, which allows for better heat transfer – reducing the load on the compressor.

Cooler Air

KoolMaxx will decrease your home and business air temperature by 3 to 9 degrees.  Stay cool during hot months while improving efficiency!

Improved Performance

With KoolMaxx, your air conditioning system will have improved performance while providing cooler air.  It’s a no lose investment in your comfort!

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Cooler Air.

Better Efficiency.

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